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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm Getting Too Old For This....

It has recently come to my attention that in my own perception of myself, I must think I'm younger and cooler than I actually am.  That in the mirror of my life, I see someone who's still pretty relevant and youthful.

Lately though I've been forced to inch a little closer to that mirror (since in my older age my perception glasses must be blurred) to get a clearer look.

I'm realizing that as I look towards my 33rd birthday in a month from now, while I'm still pretty young in the whole tape measurer length of my life, I'm not as young as I used to be....and other people notice that too.

When we were at the beach earlier this month I decided to help my super cute but very shy cousin break the ice with some girls about his age (18.)  I've always been able to start a conversation with strangers easily and this was no big, I was selling a cute guy to cute girls.  No biggie.

So... I go over to the group of girls on the beach, sit down and say hello and then launch into some schpeil about my cute buy shy cousin not wanting to infringe on their girl time but who was curious about them.  It was reasonably smooth and mildly I'm a girl...and I'm relatively hip, or so I think.

Then comes my kiss of youthful death when the girls comment on my toenail polish and say...

"That is so totally cool that you wear blue toenail polish."

It wasn't lost on me for a second that what they were really saying actually wasn't finished.   I didn't miss it though, the "at your age" was clearly implied.

Sweet...I'm youthfully culturally relevant...albeit old.

I'm thinking that when I'm 90, I might sport a black leather biker jacket...and fake boobs...and blue nail polish.

Aging gracefully....yeah.

PS.  Please for crying out loud, send our sailor this month some love.  He hasn't gotten a darn thing from anyone and is totally bummed.  Poor guys out on a ship in the middle of nowhere... bake some cookies, send a card...something!?!?  I'll post the next letter when I know this sailor hasn't been forgotten from the shores of this continent!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Should Be More Anniversary Tale

I should be more awesome.

Seriously....couldn't we all use a boost in our personal awesomeness?!

Like today, the 8th anniversary of my nuptials to the Hubs, when he fully woke up the mildly fussing baby at 5:20am by messing with him (instead of changing his soaking wet diaper rapidly and getting the heck out of there,)  I got ticked, waved my hand in the air at my Hubs, said something probably very un-anniversary-like, and marched down the hall to try my darnedest to get said baby back to that I could go back to sleep and a few hours later remind myself to be nice the rest of the day.

I could probably use a boost in my awesomeness.

I could be more awesome too if instead of serving up leftovers for dinner, I'd take a trip around the corner to the fancy butcher shop and pick up something more impressive to celebrate.

That awesomeness is still in debate, but probably not likely since the Hubs has a basketball game tonight too.

I'm pretty sure that I could use a boost in my awesomeness.

If I were really awesome though, I'd get a sitter and go watch his basketball game at the gym and grab fun take-out afterwards....but I hate basketball, and the smell of men playing it unless I'm in the nosebleed seats at a massive stadium.

I'm nearly certain that I'm not that awesome either.

It's looking like my anniversary day could use a dose of awesomeness for sure.

But here's what would make me the most awesome of actually honor this stuff....the stuff I said and promised on the day we got married:

I, Logan, take you Jeremy to be my treasured husband.  By the grace of God, I promise to respect your spiritual leadership in our home.  I desire to encourage you in your dreams, and to support you in whatever the Spirit calls you to do.  I commit to walk in step with you, to admire you, to serve you in daily life, and to encourage you in your own walk with Christ as the highest priority.  I desire to create a home where you are respected and esteemed, and I commit to joyfully submit to your authority .  I give you my purity and I promise to be faithful to you, and you alone.  All that I have, and all that I am, i now give to you.  Whatever hardships or joys may come, may I keep these vows and strive towards the perfection of them, til death should part us.

I'm absolutely positive that I'm not always that awesome....but I do think it is pretty awesome that with all of me, I want to try.

Happy Anniversary to the man who married me 8 years ago....despite all of my unawesomeness.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Wedding Weekend Success!

Well, the weekend wedding is over and I'm still trying to recover!  I didn't write for a few days because literally I haven't even had time to breathe normally.  The wedding was gorgeous, the couple amazing, and of course I thought the flowers and decor were stunning....other people did too.  Yeah...that's a pat on my back...blatant.

I am slightly mortified with myself though because I didn't take a SINGLE picture of anything.  It wasn't that I didn't want to, but I honestly didn't have time to even grab my camera and snap a few shots.  This is not an exaggeration.  Every spare second was used up, and since I knew that my amazing photographer friend, Kim Deloach, was shooting the wedding, I didn't stress over it.  My flowers and decorating efforts will be chronicled much more fabulously than I could ever even attempt to do.  Once she has had a chance to edit the pics, I'll beg her for a few to show you.  She will make my floral efforts look like a real professional! :-)

I love a good wedding....and this one was great.  Our friend has been waiting for his "one" for longer than most of us, and when he finally found her, he slipped a ring on that finger and set a date fast!  She is amazing and it has been such fun getting to know her the past few months as well!  We look forward to years of fun all together!

But I have to be honest and say that I'm sure glad the wedding part is done now!  It was a blast doing the flowers and decor, but I'm glad that it's off my plate too!  I have to tell you though, every second of hard work was completely worth it when the bride told me "You saw my vision and made it even better than I'd imagined."  Yeah....about the best compliment I could have received!  I have to give a massive shout out here too to our friend KC who busted her tail coordinating the wedding and helping me set up.  There is NO WAY I'd have finished styling it all had I been by myself!  Didn't hurt either that the venue was our friends' amazing old farmhouse which is a stunner in itself.  I'll have to round up some pictures and post them soon to share with you...because while I'm sure I could come up with 1000 more words to describe it all....1 picture is worth all of that!  I'll see what I can find!

Oh...and the secret for this great illusionist this weekend was dirty hair!  I arranged wildflowers all afternoon on Friday and had to bust it to get to the rehearsal dinner in time.  My biggest fear the whole night was having some critter crawl out of my hair!  There were SO MANY BUGS on those flowers when I was arranging them....I thought I was going to show up with itchy, bumpy, red arms from all the bites...and since I was so rushed I didn't have time to wash my hair!  I was SO sure something had made it all the way north and was hibernating til just the right moment.  I hate bugs!

Then Saturday, I was rushing around all day and again...dirty hair at the end of time for anything greater than an updo!  They say dirty hair is easier to style great while it was a filthy head weekend for was a great hair styling one!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Bitch and A Flasher

I was totally gonna post another recipe for you today since I've been cooking up a storm lately, but I have to tell you about the drama I experienced last night!

Ok, so first I just have to tell you...I don't care if you have a bad day and maybe if you really are a complete jerk inside...keep it in people.  Save it for your spouse or for your girlfriends' ears.  Don't...I repeat don't get all bitchy in Hobby Lobby with the poor checkout girl who's just doing her job.

Last night I had to run into Hobby Lobby to pick up some floral foam and a couple other random things for the wedding this weekend.  When I came in there were 2 checkout lines...both full, but one definitely longer than the other.  I had the thought..."well, looks like I might have a little bit of a wait checking out, so I need to book it to get out of here at a reasonable time."

When I got everything I needed and came back to the checkout line, I got in the shorter one....duh?!

The checkout girl finished up 2 people in front of me and began checking out the lady directly in front of me.  Then out of nowhere...there's this freakishly rude high pitched voice yelling from 2 aisles over..."Excuse ME!  EXCUSE ME!"

We all look around to see who the heck is being so miserable.  Then we see this lady in the other line waving her arms and yelling at my checkout line girl.  "EXCUSE ME!  Do you see this line over here?!  We have all been waiting in this line much longer than the people in your line.  We have all assumed that YOU were only processing returns and as a result have been waiting for a really long time in THIS LINE!  Not once did you turn around and tell us that you were available for checkout of regular items.  We have all been assuming that you were only doing returns!  This is ridiculous and I am just furious and frustrated.  I have my kids at home and I shop here all the time.  This is absolutely ridiculous!!!"

My checkout girl was stunned (along with everyone else in earshot...which was pretty much the entire freaking store!)  She just said "I'm sorry you assumed that ma'm, but I have been processing both returns and regular checkouts this entire time."

The woman launches in again..."This in unbelievable.  This customer service is atrocious!  As much money as I spend in this store and here you are making excuses for your poor performance.  You could have at the very least told ALL OF US WAITING IN THIS LINE FOREVER that you were available!  You need to do your job...this is absolutely unbelievable.  If I didn't really need these items I'd have left a long time ago.  What a waste of my time!"

My checkout girl looks white in the face and is now shaking she's clearly so angry.  And I couldn't blame her.  She whispers into her walkie talkie to her manager and says "Please come up here...there is a woman freaking out on me and it's making me REALLY angry.  Seriously...come now."

The manager comes up and the tirade continues to the manager.  It gets louder, it gets worse, she's absolutely berating this poor girl who has been working consistently the entire time.  The girl is now checking out my stuff and looks like she's about to burst into tears.  I said to her, "Are you ok?  Do you want me to let your manager know that you haven't done anything wrong?  It's going to be alright."

She says "Something like this could make me lose my job.  I can't afford to lose my job."

The lady is still loudly bitching in the background.  By this point I want to punch her in the mouth too.  I think EVERYONE in Hobby Lobby wanted to punch her in the mouth just to shut it up.  So rude...I can't even tell you.  Un-believable!

I finished checking out and still hear the lady yelling about assuming that the line was just for returns and the incompetency of the girl running the register.  I wanted so badly to walk over and say "Excuse me ma'm...I just wanted to remind you that 'you know what happens we we 'assume' right?!' ....yeah...ass out of you and me.  Remember that one.  Yeah....maybe you should."

But I didn't.  I walked out to my car and put my bags into it.  Then a lady who checked out in the line before the yelling lady came out.  I asked her if it was really all that bad, because to me it didn't seem so and I was concerned about the girls' job security after the rant.  She looks at me and says "Oh...I see.  You're THAT person!  I've had a bad day regardless...I don't really care."  And then she walked off.

WHAT THE CRAP?!  Why is everyone peeing in everyone else's cornflakes?!  Seriously?!  Can't we all just get along?  So I walked back into Hobby Lobby, hid behind the fake flower section til the lady with the spawn-of-satan attitude left, and then went up to the manager and said that I didn't think the checkout girl did a thing wrong.  She thanked me and then I left.  Yeah....I'm THAT person...and that's just fine with me.

So then off I go to take a couple of dresses to a friend to try on for the wedding this weekend.  She and her Hubs are staying in a Residence Inn before a move across the big pond to Europe for a year of work.  They were sitting in the lobby taking advantage of the free happy hour.  I joined them for a beer and some laughs til all of a sudden my friend is completely alarmed and says "OH MY GOODNESS!"  We all lookedei out the window to see an overweigh middle aged man who's wearing no pants get back into his car and speed away.  Who knows how long he'd been sitting there, because we weren't paying attention, but my poor friend got an eyeful of this pervert doing things in public that noone would want to know he did in private anyways.  Then he zoomed away....satisfied with his perversion and violation of people he didn't know I'm sure.  And I wanted to punch him in the mouth too...and kick him in the you know where.

What the heck is wrong with people?!  Unbelievable rudeness and completely disgusting perverts in one night?!

I honestly have no idea what I want to say about any of it other than...don't assume....don't be wretched...and keep your freaking pants on in public.

Makes me want to go be a farmer in remote Virginia and homeschool my kids...and make cans of everything I grow in my organic garden...and make fresh bread every morning after milking the cow to make fresh butter too.  Seriously....we're raising our kids in a rough world and sometimes I wish I could escape it all.  I'm just believing that the Lord is gonna show me how to live well myself and to raise little lights to shine in this dark world.  Because it's dark...and that was all in just an hour yesterday.


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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flower Power

I'm doing the flowers for a wedding this weekend.  And by "doing,"  I mean arranging...all of them.  From all the bridal bouquets to the centerpieces for the 250 person reception...I'm their flower gal.

And you know I'm excited about it!  A little overwhelmed, but not by the flowers, it's by the other that my husband and son are in the wedding, which means that I'll be arranging and staging between things like the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner...and having to get myself and my family ready in time for the actual wedding.  That, and driving the flowers out to the church and reception, and placing them all to make sure that everything looks unbelievable for our friends.  It's going to be awesome...a lot of work, but awesome.

I'm excited too because the flowers are going to all be cut from a master gardener's garden...mixtures of fabulously wilder looking things.  Envision with me for a minute...hand tied bouquets...mason jar drinks...old fashioned red/white striped paper straws...burlap and jute....old chippy paint doors and know, the kind of stuff that's right up my alley.

And just to give you a taste of what I think some of this weekend's flowers might feel like, I thought I'd post a few pictures of the flowers that I did for the bride's lingerie shower a couple of weeks ago.

I love flowers.

 Don't you?

Went to my neighbor's garden today...I'm feeling culinarily inspired.  Hope that feeling holds through the weekend since I won't have much time for cooking the next few days.  Guess what I picked though today?  Figs....oh sweet heaven on a tree!  Yummy goodness coming up for you soon!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Culinary Indecision....and a Key Lime Pie Recipe

I'm having a couple of girlfriends over tonight for coffee and dessert.

You know in life sometimes when there are people that you think would be so much fun to get to know better?  Every time you see the person/people, you completely connect and walk away thinking... "I really wish my life wasn't so crazy right now because I'd really like to get to know_____________ better."  Well, that's how I feel about these 3 girls I invited over tonight.  Every time we're around one another we say "Let's get together soon" and then we don't do it.  But we all really mean it's completely genuine, it's just a matter or schedule rearranging and prioritizing.  Anyhow, I just flat decided the other night it needed to it is.  Tonight.

There was a recipe that I found a few days ago for a Four Layer Blueberry Gingerbread Cake with Mocha Cream that looked interesting.  I thought it sounded like an odd combination... but might be one of those things that after eating it, I'd wonder to myself why I never thought of the genius pairing of blueberries, and gingerbread, and mocha cream?!  I decided to step outside of my own personal don't-ever-make-something-for-company-that-you-haven't-tested-before box and whipped it up today.  By the way, that is a link to the recipe above.  It's from the Foster's Market Cookbook that I adore.  Anywhooo...I made the cake, and I have to be honest and say that it's a fantastic recipe, but I don't really love it.  I will make the cake again and the cream again, but I won't put them together.  I think the blueberry gingerbread cake needs a lemony vanilla cream, and the mocha cream...well, it just doesn't need gingerbread in my opinion.  Feel free to try it and tell me what you may think I'm insane, but you may agree.  Don't get me's fine...I just won't make it again as is.

Looks alright though huh?

Since I'm not unbelievably thrilled with this cake, I decided to make something that I DO know is good for my eagerly anticipated company....

Key Lime Pie

And this is a recipe that I like enough to bother typing out for you.  I've had key lime pie all over the place and this tart, creamy, classic is still my favorite.  I've tried variations with fancy additions, but honestly...some oldies but goodies are best when you leave well enough alone.

To make key lime pie you'll need: 

a graham cracker crust (sometimes I buy them, sometimes I make them.)
  • Today I made it with 6 Tbsp melted butter, 3 Tbsp sugar, and 2 c. crushed grahams.  Mix together, press into a pan and bake at 350 for about 10-15 minutes.  Let cool before filling.)

For the filling:
1 - 14oz can sweetened condensed milk
3 egg yolks
1/2 c. key lime juice

Now you can get all fancy and buy key limes and squeeze and zest them if you want, but I'll have my pie nice and easy thank you, so I just buy the juice in a bottle.

Mix the 3 highly technical ingredients in a bowl til creamy.  Pour into your prepared crust and bake at 350 for 15 minutes.  Then chill it...several hours (as in no less than 4)... til nice and fabulous.

That is it....and IT is amazing.  A lot of times I even put perhaps 2/3 c. key lime juice to make it extra tart....because that's how I like it.  Oh yeah, my pie pan is super deep dish so I had to double the filling recipe to make a nice full pie.  If you use a standard shallow pie shell though, one recipe should do it.

I was on a roll today too I guess because when i had half a dozen egg whites remaining, I remembered a recipe I saw recently for macaroons and thought I'd just try them as well while I had a mess in the kitchen.  So Tid Bit helped me make a much bigger mess, and in about an hour or so once that mixture is nice and cool, we're going to give them a shot too.

After tonight I'll be farming out leftovers.  Heaven and my thighs know that I don't need all this stuff here!

Now go forth friends and make Fish Tacos and Key Lime Pie....I just helped you rock your next dinner with very minimal effort!

You are welcome.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

A 24 Hour Bathroom Re-Do!

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when I said that I had an itch to re-do my kids' bathroom?  Well, last night the Hubs had a meeting, so I got to work with a can of paint and a brush and went to town on that bathroom.  And now, less than 24 hours later, the bathroom mini renovation is done!  Well done enough that the itch is over and I can mess with it more as I like.

Remember what it looked like before?  Curious George swinging in, and while cute, he never really stole my heart.

And remember the inspiration I found while in Montana?


and this...

sign from the Polebridge Mercantile

Yesterday, we went and had some paint mixed and I am LOVING the result.  I'm still in debate about painting the base cabinets though.  I bought some blue/grayish paint but am thinking I might leave the cabinets as they are and see how I feel once I live with it a little while.  Never a bad idea before committing further to something.

As I was painting last night, I noticed that the paint looked grayer than I'd thought, but figured it may have been the nighttime lighting.   Just this very second as I pulled out the deck to find out the name of the colors for you did I realize the guy mixed the wrong color.  It's not way off, but the one I'd liked better had a bit more khaki in the gray.  I'd been looking at them both and I guess he mixed the wrong one.  Oh well...I'm still happy in the end.

So what I'd wanted was this...                                                   but what I got was this.....

Benjamin Moore Thunder AF-685
Benjamin Moore Metropolitan AF-690

I'm particular about these things, but now that it's done and it's close enough, I"m fine with it.  You can tell the difference though right?

I was also pretty excited when I found a pre-fab window valance at Lowes for $13 that I thought would be super cute.  I can sew something, but honestly, for $13 when this is the look I was going for's a no brainer.  And, it's my kids' bathroom.  Let's be realistic about things here...this does not need to be the freaking Taj Mahal.

I've been looking all over for a shower curtain too and have no interest in spending more than about $30 on it...again, remember....Kids' bathroom.  So today when I was buying frames at Walmart for the pictures, I found something I thought would work for $18.  And I'm pleased with it.  I switched the hooks from my bathroom which were more oil rubbed bronze and I think it'll do just fine.  I even was able to keep the aqua bath mats that I already had to add in another pop of fun color from the artwork.

So here's what we have now...

My $13 valance and $18 shower curtain...pretty good huh?!

We'd bought a package of some vintage post cards which I just popped into a $12 frame.  I think on 4 frames I spent maybe $50 max.

I had 2 prints like this one of the mountain goat which were an odd size...maybe like 10x16 or something.  I didn't want to have to have custom mats cut because that gets more expensive, so I bought 2 of these glass floating frames for $10 a piece.  I like the result with the wall showing through too...doesn't look as bulky as if they had full mats either.

And just because I want you to see the true humanity of a 20 hour room makeover with just one person doing the work, I thought I'd let you in on a little tip I used this time.

I like to call it "the half-ass."

And here's what I mean....

 See.  I had to move the towel rings lower.  They were always too high and I'd never messed with them before.  There were MASSIVE holes in the wall which will take a few days to repair for the putty and everything to dry properly, so what do you think I did?  Yep...covered them up.

Out of sight, out of mind!

I'll get to it eventually... but for now, I'm pleased with the *mostly* finished result!

Ps. I've got another sailor in the works to send a letter from sea, but I have to be honest and tell you that our first sailor has yet to receive any love from anyone other than his family!  Support our servicemen and women?  The address for this month's sailor is below!

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Swamp Rabbits...and other fun!

Just had to share about the super fun day that my family had today!  And have to give some serious kudos to my kiddo as well.

Near where we live in SC, there is a relatively newer bike/walking trail that goes all the way from the north end of town to downtown called the Swamp Rabbit Trail.  It's been there for a couple of years I think, but we've just now gotten to the point where Tid Bit can bike at a rate that's fast enough to make it fun for us too.  We bought a chariot carrier (the pull behind kind) for Little Bit to ride and have been doing a pretty good amount of biking around the neighborhood the past couple of months since we got the chariot rider.

We've been telling Tid Bit that when he got pretty good at doing biker safety hand signals, staying in a good line, and pedaling hard that we'd take him to ride the Swamp Rabbit.

So today we went.  And it was a BLAST!  All total we biked about 12 miles and my little man didn't complain even once.  In fact he told us tonight that he probably could have biked "at least 26 miles or something more."  Doubt that, but good for you little dude!

We ran into the parents of an old college friend of mine on the trail and they mentioned a restaurant in an old Hardware Store near the end of the trail, so we headed up that way to finish off our adventure.

We were so glad they told us about it, because it was not only adorable but delicious.  So I'm gonna say, if you're anywhere near Greenville, SC, you need to do the trail (or part of it like we did) and eat lunch at The Cafe at Williams Hardware.  It was a really fun day!  Hope your weekend has afforded you some good family times too!

"These are the days to remember."  

Thank you Natalie Merchant... and yes they are, yes they are!

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Friday, July 15, 2011

What's for Dinner?! Coriander Crusted Salmon

Salmon was the first seafood that I ever liked...followed by popcorn shrimp, and eventually tuna and other fish, scallops, etc. About the only seafood that I can't find myself in a love affair with is oysters...and I'm ok with that.

For some reason though, I haven't loved salmon so much over the past few years, or liked it really. I don't remember if I had a bad piece or if the last few times I had it that it wasn't done well, but since it's not exactly cheap, I haven't tried it again for awhile....even if it looks completely amazing in a restaurant. Guess the gamble hasn't been worth the price tag to me when there's inevitably always something else on a menu that makes my mouth water.

The other day though I had a taste of wild alaskan salmon and since it was on sale for $3 less per pound and I found a great recipe to try, I thought I'd give this wildly healthy and gorgeous piece of fish a shot.

And... I'm glad I did. Once you try this 15 minute beauty, you're going to be glad that I did too.

Oh yeah, both of my kids absolutely pounded it too. ROCK ON!

So here you go, for your culinary pleasure....

Coriander Crusted Salmon with Chickpea Artichoke Salad

To make the fish you'll need:

1 ½ lbs Salmon fillets (you could substitute tuna or swordfish as well)
3 Tbsp ground coriander
1 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp pepper
2 Tbsp Olive Oil

Preheat a large saute pan on medium-high for 2-3 minutes. Combine coriander, salt, and pepper and then coat both sides of the fish.

Place the oil in pan and let it get good and hot. Add the fish and cook 3-4 minutes on each side or until it reaches 145 degrees and the fish will flake easily. Serve over Chickpea Artichoke Salad

To make the salad:

1 bag baby arugula (4-5 oz)
½ c canned, quartered artichokes, chopped
¼ c. red onion, finely chopped
½ c. canned chickpeas (drained and rinsed)
3 Tbsp red wine vinegar
1/3 c. olive oil
¼ tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper

Combine arugula, chickpeas, onion, and artichokes. Whisk vinegar, oil, salt and pepper until well blended and drizzle desired amount over salad. Toss and serve.

So easy, so delish!!! Enjoy!

And hey, do me a favor ya'll?  Send this month's Navy sailor some love?  They're on a long haul at sea after a brief port, and it'll be awhile til they see land again.  Letters, cards, and packages make the grind a whole lot more bearable!

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Mom of the Year: Grocery Cart Lunch Bunch

Yeah, so yesterday I had a crazy day.  One of my dearest friends, Susan, came to visit Wednesday night and we stayed up WAAAYYY too late talking and catching up.  She's a missionary in Guatemala and is home raising support to go back this fall.  She's UH-mazing and has been a dear friend for years.  We had a blast, but I was hating my short sleep choice when Little Bit woke up at 4:30 and was up til 6 before he fell back asleep.  I am not very awesome on 3 hours of sleep....AT ALL!

After Sue left, I had to get to the grocery store.  It was noon and I was short on time.  I HAD to be home for naptime...mostly because I needed a nap yesterday as much as anyone.

So, I thought I'd share with you the uber-healthy lunch that I made for my kids yesterday in my haste to get errands done and to make time for a nap.

Yes, that is the grocery cart.  And yes, that is the freezer case in the background.  And yes....those are chicken fingers and potato wedges from the Publix deli.  I heart Publix...and efficient lunch plans on days when I need a nap.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Wear My Sungasses at Night...

Ok, so not really.  But I do make fun of people who do.

I have to tell you a funny story of these sunglasses here on the left though.

I bought them on Friday night at this cool vintage store while on a date with The Hubs.  I feel cool wearing them...even when I haven't brushed my hair or have make-up on (like in this picture that I can't believe I'm posting on the internet.)  All to say, I like them...even if you think that they're huge and make me look like a fly...I don't care...I like them.

Anyhow it was SO hot on Friday night when we were walking around downtown and when we went into this store it was nice and air-conditioned.  I perused a bit and bought a shirt to send to my brother on the aircraft carrier.  When I went up to pay there was a big case with loads of awesome looking aviators, so I tried this pair on...and then the following conversation ensued between myself and the guy at the register.

Guy: "Here you go"

Me: "Thanks....Wow!  I'm so hot that the glasses are fogging!"

Guy:  "Yeah!  they do look really good....that's an awesome way to think about it."

Me (realizing what he thought I meant): "NO!!!  I mean literally my forehead is emitting so much heat that the glasses actually fogged!"

Let's just say we both had a really hilarious laugh at that point.  He thought I was being and I just know that I have a serious case of verbal diarrhea.

Then he asked if I wanted the glasses in a bag or if I wanted to wear them and I said "I'm not one of those people who can wear my sunglasses at night.  Are you?"

Guy: "No."

Me:"Seriously though, can anyone really pull of wearing sunglasses at night?  I think not."

Guy:  "No....noone can.  It's ridiculous."

So...there you have it....unless you're Corey Hart and wrote a song about it that people still love in secret and hate in public, you really shouldn't do it either.  Some things just aren't meant to actually be done. 

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