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A Bitch and A Flasher

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Bitch and A Flasher

I was totally gonna post another recipe for you today since I've been cooking up a storm lately, but I have to tell you about the drama I experienced last night!

Ok, so first I just have to tell you...I don't care if you have a bad day and maybe if you really are a complete jerk inside...keep it in people.  Save it for your spouse or for your girlfriends' ears.  Don't...I repeat don't get all bitchy in Hobby Lobby with the poor checkout girl who's just doing her job.

Last night I had to run into Hobby Lobby to pick up some floral foam and a couple other random things for the wedding this weekend.  When I came in there were 2 checkout lines...both full, but one definitely longer than the other.  I had the thought..."well, looks like I might have a little bit of a wait checking out, so I need to book it to get out of here at a reasonable time."

When I got everything I needed and came back to the checkout line, I got in the shorter one....duh?!

The checkout girl finished up 2 people in front of me and began checking out the lady directly in front of me.  Then out of nowhere...there's this freakishly rude high pitched voice yelling from 2 aisles over..."Excuse ME!  EXCUSE ME!"

We all look around to see who the heck is being so miserable.  Then we see this lady in the other line waving her arms and yelling at my checkout line girl.  "EXCUSE ME!  Do you see this line over here?!  We have all been waiting in this line much longer than the people in your line.  We have all assumed that YOU were only processing returns and as a result have been waiting for a really long time in THIS LINE!  Not once did you turn around and tell us that you were available for checkout of regular items.  We have all been assuming that you were only doing returns!  This is ridiculous and I am just furious and frustrated.  I have my kids at home and I shop here all the time.  This is absolutely ridiculous!!!"

My checkout girl was stunned (along with everyone else in earshot...which was pretty much the entire freaking store!)  She just said "I'm sorry you assumed that ma'm, but I have been processing both returns and regular checkouts this entire time."

The woman launches in again..."This in unbelievable.  This customer service is atrocious!  As much money as I spend in this store and here you are making excuses for your poor performance.  You could have at the very least told ALL OF US WAITING IN THIS LINE FOREVER that you were available!  You need to do your job...this is absolutely unbelievable.  If I didn't really need these items I'd have left a long time ago.  What a waste of my time!"

My checkout girl looks white in the face and is now shaking she's clearly so angry.  And I couldn't blame her.  She whispers into her walkie talkie to her manager and says "Please come up here...there is a woman freaking out on me and it's making me REALLY angry.  Seriously...come now."

The manager comes up and the tirade continues to the manager.  It gets louder, it gets worse, she's absolutely berating this poor girl who has been working consistently the entire time.  The girl is now checking out my stuff and looks like she's about to burst into tears.  I said to her, "Are you ok?  Do you want me to let your manager know that you haven't done anything wrong?  It's going to be alright."

She says "Something like this could make me lose my job.  I can't afford to lose my job."

The lady is still loudly bitching in the background.  By this point I want to punch her in the mouth too.  I think EVERYONE in Hobby Lobby wanted to punch her in the mouth just to shut it up.  So rude...I can't even tell you.  Un-believable!

I finished checking out and still hear the lady yelling about assuming that the line was just for returns and the incompetency of the girl running the register.  I wanted so badly to walk over and say "Excuse me ma'm...I just wanted to remind you that 'you know what happens we we 'assume' right?!' ....yeah...ass out of you and me.  Remember that one.  Yeah....maybe you should."

But I didn't.  I walked out to my car and put my bags into it.  Then a lady who checked out in the line before the yelling lady came out.  I asked her if it was really all that bad, because to me it didn't seem so and I was concerned about the girls' job security after the rant.  She looks at me and says "Oh...I see.  You're THAT person!  I've had a bad day regardless...I don't really care."  And then she walked off.

WHAT THE CRAP?!  Why is everyone peeing in everyone else's cornflakes?!  Seriously?!  Can't we all just get along?  So I walked back into Hobby Lobby, hid behind the fake flower section til the lady with the spawn-of-satan attitude left, and then went up to the manager and said that I didn't think the checkout girl did a thing wrong.  She thanked me and then I left.  Yeah....I'm THAT person...and that's just fine with me.

So then off I go to take a couple of dresses to a friend to try on for the wedding this weekend.  She and her Hubs are staying in a Residence Inn before a move across the big pond to Europe for a year of work.  They were sitting in the lobby taking advantage of the free happy hour.  I joined them for a beer and some laughs til all of a sudden my friend is completely alarmed and says "OH MY GOODNESS!"  We all lookedei out the window to see an overweigh middle aged man who's wearing no pants get back into his car and speed away.  Who knows how long he'd been sitting there, because we weren't paying attention, but my poor friend got an eyeful of this pervert doing things in public that noone would want to know he did in private anyways.  Then he zoomed away....satisfied with his perversion and violation of people he didn't know I'm sure.  And I wanted to punch him in the mouth too...and kick him in the you know where.

What the heck is wrong with people?!  Unbelievable rudeness and completely disgusting perverts in one night?!

I honestly have no idea what I want to say about any of it other than...don't assume....don't be wretched...and keep your freaking pants on in public.

Makes me want to go be a farmer in remote Virginia and homeschool my kids...and make cans of everything I grow in my organic garden...and make fresh bread every morning after milking the cow to make fresh butter too.  Seriously....we're raising our kids in a rough world and sometimes I wish I could escape it all.  I'm just believing that the Lord is gonna show me how to live well myself and to raise little lights to shine in this dark world.  Because it's dark...and that was all in just an hour yesterday.


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At July 21, 2011 at 3:54 PM , Blogger Amber said...

Holy moly! I would have been steaming hearing that lady! I hate it when people are horrid in checkout lines. I mean I do have to say I get frustrated in Walmart b/c there's 150 checkouts and 2 open but hey, thats not the checkout lady's fault...walmarts just making more money that way and we just have to live with it. :-) And the pants thing...yikes...thats just messed up. Sounds like you had an eventful evening.

At July 21, 2011 at 7:25 PM , Blogger Reccewife said...

it makes me so mad when people take their crap out on random customer service employees! I like to think I am THAT person too, good for you :)
And I just have nothing to say about the pervert. Except that you ma consider (if you haven't already) filling out a police report. That kind of behavior usually excalates. Ew. Seriously.

At July 22, 2011 at 1:45 AM , Blogger Nelly said...

Oh mate I know people are so obnoxious!! Its why I am so keen to buy me 100acres and have my own invite only commune lol Hope that girl is ok tho.

At August 4, 2011 at 5:12 PM , Anonymous Gisela said...

Dearest Logan,
I meant to comment on this story much earlier but i've been running around,sorry. As it turns out precisely today, i was at the store buying a few things i needed for my dinner and the guy behind me wanted to pay for his one bottle of beer and i accidentally told the cashier debit, instead of credit and she was trying to clear it, which i guess was more time than he had anticipated, well he needed to get to that beer asap! Well, the girl actually rang him up and he started walking away and she said hey, one forty five and he was like i'm going overthere, you're too slow, i just want to get in and get out(oh, his poor wife, if he has one), sorry, lol! so he proceeds, i ain't got time for this, you're too slow. So he pays and leaves, jibbering and jabbering and the girl was like hey, take a shower man, he complains to the owner and tells him, you need to talk to her, this is the 2nd time i've had problems with her. Anyway, everyone in the store agreed he was a total a-hole and i went to the owner and told him so. Jeez! what a jerk. Anyway, i've taken up too much time,LOL! sorry. Love your blog! Have a great day.


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