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Some projects...and I meet a nemesis!!!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some projects...and I meet a nemesis!!!

I feel like junk today....some bronchitis sort of junk.  Kept me up late last night coughing like mad.  UGH....tired and gross feeling today.

Anyways...I finally found a picture of the amazing fabric that I'm putting on that chair i told you about before

<-------Here is the chair.

And here is the fabric.

UH-Mazing!  And did I mention it has a 3 yd repeat? those beauties are massive!

Hang on a second...someone is at my door...

Oh'll never guess what just came.  Really great neighbor...but she just brought the one thing that will guarantee my stupid jello jog for at least a little while longer.

THIS!!! ------------------------------->

Dang Girl Scouts!  Messing up my waistline...AGAIN!  Total nemesis!

So i just took a break for a Peanut Butter Patty and while my stomach digests that creamy goodness, I wanted to show you that I did indeed finish the pillow from the other day's post.

Check it out.
And I'm not apparently a super awesome blogger because I did NOT take pictures to show you how to make a pillow like this yourself.  I started this one ages ago but when I do the next one I'll document the process.  So for now, I'm sorry.  This is all you get.

I used Wonder Under to iron the butterfly onto the green linen fabric because I wanted to have the butterfly on there alone.  As you can see from the whole piece of the fabric above, you have to actually cut out a specific butterfly to do what I did here.  Otherwise you'd end up with a weevil or part of a grasshopper or some other unwanted bug on your pillow as well.  And I'm not feeling weevils and grasshoppers and unwanted bugs like I am butterflies these days. and the dang Pottery Barn.

Anyhow.  Wanted to at least show you that even if I didn't get the laundry put away the other day, I did get a pillow made.

Oh...and I have to tell you one other super exciting project that I'm working on!

I  bought this headboard and that dresser I showed you yesterday at the same time off of Craigslist ($30 total for both items.)  They both looked pretty much like this when I got them.  I'm sanding this down and then we're going to turn it into a bench to put I think in the foyer.  So far I've gotten it sanded and then I've got some work ahead of me to paint several different coats on the legs and lower part of the bench to try to replicate the amazing layering that's going on naturally on this thing.  I had a sanding helper the other day...he's a total cutie!  I look like death warmed over here, but who cares, we're all friends here right?!

The boards above on the right are what I'm using for the seat...I stained them walnut using just basic Minwax stain.  They're not stain grade wood, but I don't care.  This was cheaper and I want it to have character anyways.  I think when it's all done I might just make some pillows out of burlap to put on here anyways. 

So this to the right is how the headboard looks right now cleaned up a bit.  The previous owner had gouged that top part with what I'd guess was a putty knife trying to scrape off the paint, but I don't care...just gives it a little more character.

Ok I better run. Have a birthday party to go to, and I didn't want to wake up the baby who missed his nap this morning, but if I don't I'm afraid we'll miss the party.  And after Tid Bit spent a good hour making his friend Ruthie a bracelet and ring with my jewelry making supplies, I can't let him miss out on seeing her anticipated delight when she opens it!

Hope ya'll are having a good day!

- Logan

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At February 23, 2011 at 10:05 PM , Blogger Beth@The Stories of A2Z said...

Looks like you have been busy Logan and I hear ya on the Girl Scout cookies! Thin mints are my nemesis :). Add your email to your blogger profile, so I can respond to your comments on my blog through email. Love that you found all my posts from my first year of blogging before I was a "home blogger". No one reads those :).


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