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Bon Bons... I really couldn't live without them...

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bon Bons... I really couldn't live without them...

Have you ever had your husband ask you what you did all day?

You a way that perhaps would put into question if you had in fact done anything all day long?  Because when he comes home, there are toys strewn all over the den, the paper plates from lunch are still on the table, there is half a pile of folded laundry on your bed and the rest in a pile on the floor, and your kids are filthy running around like little gypsies.  You know what I'm talking about right?  And so when the question is asked "WHAT have you done all day?!" you find yourself wanting to say "What do you think?! I sat around watching soaps and eating bon bons all day long...OBVIOUSLY!"

You know how it goes... you go about your day that starts in the kitchen with breakfast, but as you look for a clean fork you realize you have yet to empty the dishwasher, which as you unload it, you then find a bib that didn't wash as clean as you'd have liked in the dishwasher, so you head to the laundry room to give it some more stain treatment, but first you stop to feed your kids breakfast which was what you came down for anyways... and as you're feeding your kids breakfast you notice a piece of craft paper that you then proceed to put back in the craft cabinet, only to notice on your way that you left the bib on the counter, which you then pick up and proceed to the laundry room to stain treat, but then on the way you trip on a boot that should be outside in the garage, so you head out there to put it back, only to then notice a box full of stuff that needs to go to Goodwill, so you then put that in your car only to realize that the floor of your car looks like a veritable trail mix, so you then go to get the vacuum to clean it out, but then on your way you realize that the baby is now done with breakfast and so you clean him up, and then forget what you were doing until you see the bib you were cleaning.  You know what I'm talking about right?  And some days, the whole day is like this and by the end of it you're putting your kids to bed only to realize that the bib has yet to see any stain treatment.  And somewhere round about 5 o'clock your sweetie comes home and says "What on earth have you done all day?!"  And you have no idea really other than your children were fed and you were insanely busy.  So you say "Well honey, isn't it obvious that I spent the day eating bon bons."  (just fyi here...I don't really recommend saying this, it really makes you sound like a jerk.  Not that I'd know from experience or anything. )

BUT NOW you can have your bon bons and wear them too!

Goody Goody Bon Bons that is!
I don't know about you, but when I'm home all day, I really see no reason to wear shoes.  Call me the antithesis of the women's lib movement if you want to, but what if I'm barefoot and in the kitchen?!

But in the winter, my hard tile floors are brutal to the little piggies and I just can't take it.  Which is why I don't do a day without my Bon Bons!  (See that cute aqua pair above...with the giant pink roses....yeah, I have those.

 But I think next I might like these--->

                        Or these

Really though, with so many fun choices how can a girl decide?!  I'm sure I just don't know myself!

So this is my footwear of choice at home.  Bon Bons all day long!  They cost about $35-40 a pair and really when you think of how often you wear them, it really makes loads of sense.  Now be aware, that if you wear them like I do to the mailbox outside, and to get a package from the UPS man, and to say hello to your neighbor in the street, and sometimes even to the grocery store ( I don't actually wear them to the grocery store...I just wanted to give you a moment of horror) then they won't probably hold up as well as a pair of moc slippers from LL Bean....but these are WAY cuter!

It's like wrapping your foot in a really fun present.  A comfy, cute, and totally addictive package!

You should totally get some.  Then when your husband asks what you've been doing all day, you can honestly say "just wallowing around in bon bons!"

Happy Tuesday friends!

- Logan

Oh my goodness...I almost forgot to mention that they make them for babies too!  My friend Rebecca just posted a picture of some on her most adorable daughter the other day and that's what got this on my brain!  She had no idea of all the options out there for everyone.  It's such a good thing I'm here to enlighten!  Check out these little snacks to the left....makes you just want to nibble a baby foot for sure!

** I would like to add a note here (the day after I originally wrote this) that I in no way want you to read this like I have some sort of difficult husband who questions how I spend my time...I don't!  He is amazing and really has never walked in the door demanding to know why our house is a mess, so I hope you didn't read this that way! My intent was really to say that there truly are days when I have no idea how things are the way they are when I know I've been running around like a crazy person and sometimes you really do wish you could sit around and eat bon bons!)

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