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I've got a fever!!.... Spring fever that is...

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I've got a fever!!.... Spring fever that is...

Spring fever!

Where I live, the last couple of days have been glorious!  People in California enjoy days like this every fair.  If my friends and family wouldn't be so far away, I might just live in California.  Well, that and I guess I can get more house for my money where I am nevermind. I think I'll stay put.

Anyways, all to say, the nice weather is such a teaser!  I know we'll have more cold days ahead, but I'm ready to break out my Rainbows and have a reason to get a pedicure (since my wildly neglected piggies will soon freak both me and my husband out since they've been hidden in boots all winter!)

I'm getting distracted by my own thoughts here!  What I really came to tell you today is that spring fever for me means my creative juices get flowing!  Lucky for you huh?  Only problem is that I have a tendency to have projects pile the ones I started before it got cold outside and they're just waiting in my garage for a little creative TLC.

So between this amazing weather and my friend L's inspiration to do a "While You Were Out" (WYWO) on her master bedroom while her husband is on a mission trip in Haiti, I'm itching to get something painted, stripped, refinished,  And I think I'm going to get some friends in on the action too!  L and I decided yesterday (while I helped her conceptualize the room and pick a paint color for the WYWO re-do) that we're going to have a re-do party in her garage sometime soon.  Everyone has some piece of furniture that they want to mess with...make better, newer looking (or older looking in my case...antiquing)...just get dirty creating to breathe new life into a room!  So I'm gonna teach some friends how to do it!  Fun fun!

And here's the gem that I think I'm going to show them on...

I want you to know that I have had this AMAZING butterfly fabric for almost a year...LONG before the Pottery Barn put butterfly pillows on their front cover!  I think I'm just telling you this because I feel annoyed that my inspiration from over a year ago could now appear to be an idea-rip-off...which is great, but it annoys me.  I like to on occasion feel original.  But the truth is, they got their pillows made up faster than I have!  Pottery Barn does not have children running around screaming and crafting all day in their office though...

I digress...again!  Anyways I painted this chair above that fab-o turquoise color and am going to paint some more on it in a different color, and then sand it and rub some stain on it to make it look old.  Then I'm going to pay someone else to upholster it because I spent too much of my birthday money on that amazing fabric to risk crapping it up on an upholstery self-tutorial.

I have to show you this mortifying confession that I found when I was photographing this chair for you...just to make you feel better about your house too.

 OH MY WORD!  Do you see it?!  If this isn't in the Tales of a Lesser Woman category then I don't know what is?!  My living room fireplace has the most all-encompassing cobwebs.  And just to make you feel better about yourself, you know what I did about them right then?!  Absolutely NOTHING.  I'll get to it later (today)...for now I had to tell you about my spring fever and painting inspirations!

I have to show you another thing I've been walking by and actually ignoring for a couple of months now...I'm really completely embarrassed to admit this now that I have confessed the length of time I've been ignoring it!  See below...awful!

Clothes sorting...sizes in and out for kids.  I can never figure out when to do it with the baby because the times it's the easiest are when he's his room, where I need to work.  And I've really been wanting to move all of our out of season or out of size clothes from the attic over the garage to the attic in this hallway.  I'll probably do it this week now because this confession is sort of giving me a pit in my neglecting stomach!

Let me show you what I'd SO MUCH rather be doing though (in addition to the chair I pictured above.)

<-----This pillow!  The one I started before Pottery Barn interfered with my dreams of individuality!  It's taken me ages to do.  Partly because I have a million other projects I'm working on at the same time, partly because I haven't found the right trim (til this past weekend), and partly because I have a life that happens before, after, and during my efforts to create.
Look at that glorious trim!'s like a box of chocolates for me...but better because it doesn't make me fatter!  If I remember in my haste to get it done, I'll try to show you how to sew on trim to a pillow....or at least how I do it (which may not be right, but I don't care as long as it looks good when I'm done.)  It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!!!

It will be awesome though when I finish it.  (Don't worry, I'll show you when it is!)  But I think I should attend to the hall mess first, don't you?! to fold the laundry that's all over my den.  Crafting dreams will have to motivate me to expedite the real life that needs to be dealt with in the meantime!

- Logan

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At February 16, 2011 at 9:47 AM , Anonymous Kim DeLoach said...

I dig the wall of photos-I don't even see the boxes under them (:

At February 16, 2011 at 10:29 AM , Blogger Logan said...

Photographer Extraordinaire Kim Deloach people! If you notice all the amazing photos on the wall and don't notice the pile either, then clearly you need to call her...because with photos like that, you too can become a great illusionist and hide your mess beneath a wall of family inspiration! Check it out!!!

At February 18, 2011 at 12:38 PM , Anonymous Teal said...

You make my days, Logan!

At February 18, 2011 at 3:26 PM , Blogger Logan said...

THAT is quite a generous compliment! Glad to add a little sunshine!

At February 21, 2011 at 2:04 PM , Blogger Ginger said...

Love the projects! They are going to be incredible.

AND I can SO identify with the difficulty of sorting and storing kids' clothes. :( I have a similar pile in my master right now... (And my middle child apparently has no short sleeved shirts since he's the oldest boy! Oops.)


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