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Kudos to...Teachers.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kudos to...Teachers.

School is out!

 Today was Tid Bit's last day of K4.  Next year...Kindergarten.  Wow, that feels weird on so many levels.

As I look towards this summer, I'm pretty pumped.  We have some fun things planned...trip with family to Montana, the beach, pool days with friends, sprinklers in the yard, popsicles in the afternoon...good times together.  Part of me is thinking to myself..."What on earth will we do everyday?" and part of me is so excited to have a cease on the rushing around the house in the mornings to get out the door.   

And then there's the sad feeling that school this past year has been a 3 morning a week routine, and that next year it's the real deal...the daily grind actually becoming daily.  And I look back at this past year at the friendships my son has made, and at the friendships that I have made, and I'm sad to see a lot of it come to an end.

Tid Bit goes to a really fantastic Christian school that's literally close enough for us to walk every day.  For a million reasons we have loved it there the past 2 years.  But next year, when kindergarten starts, that means that a lot of the pre-school kids we've come to know and love over this time will be headed out to go to the schools closest to them.  Some will stay, but over half are going elsewhere next year.  And today as we said goodbyes, I had to do my best to choke back the tears that were forming from the lump in my throat.

I've made some great friends amongst the mommies of those K4 kiddos, and while I know that we'll still see some of them, the reality is that with space and time, some relationships do get lost...and I'm kinda sad about that.  And I'm sad for my little guy too.  Some special friends who will always remain in our memories, will end up just our memories.  But what sweet memories they are.

Photo by Carrie Garrett Photography

So to the mommies (and dads) of Mrs Peek's K4 class, it has been a pleasure getting to know you and to serve our kids alongside of you.  I have been amazed by the dedication and commitment of such a large number of people to pour into a group of children.  Our children are all the better for each of you.

And to Mrs. Lipscomb, aide extraordinaire, your dedication to love and nurture our children has surely earned some lovely jewels in your heavenly crown!  Your support of Mrs. Peek has been evident, and the classroom has benefited most generously from your hard work and TLC!

The year has been full.  From apple pies to pirate patched eyes, it's been a good one.  I'll never forget the worst fieldtrip in the history of the world in 40 degree rainy weather to pick pumpkins (if only I was blogging then, that was a post just waiting to be written!), and I'll always delight in memories of my little Joseph and his semi-amazing technicolor dreamcoat that I made.  And the Mother's Day tea...I left with such a full so sweet, such a reminder of this gift of motherhood I've been given.

Photo by Carrie Garrett Photography

 I wonder who it was that said...

"Those who can’t do, teach?"


If ever I have heard a statement wrought with untruth and inaccuracy, that just might be it.  

Our society just doesn't do our teachers justice, and statements like that one certainly do nothing to help.  Let me tell you what I have learned of teachers.  They give, and then give, and then when you think they're bound to run dry, they give some more.  They sow seeds not just into young hearts and minds, but into the lives of parents who will let them as well.  They are life-farmers, friends, mentors, creative directors, students of children, parents themselves...clearly, just the one word is grossly insufficient.  Webster defines the word "teach" as "to impart knowledge of or skill in; give instruction in."  By my estimation, even the definition falls short in describing all that teachers do.

And this lady below...well let me tell you something, even my descriptions above can't begin to touch her.  She's been teaching for 20 years...that's a lot of life-farming.  That's a lot of seed planting she's done, and there's nothing mechanized about any of it.  She holds each seed in her own two hands and prepares the soil before she gently places the seed in the ground.  I'm not even sure how to find words for people like her...and amazingly I had the same problem last year with Tid Bit's teacher...verbal insufficiency.  When "thank you" just doesn't seem enough.

So to you who teach, as insufficient as it seems, "Thank You."  You are mind molders, life shapers, and spirit tenders, and to simply say "thank you" all for all that you do to come alongside of us as parents and teach, sow, and invest in our children...well, it just doesn't seem enough.  You are the cream of the crop.  I think that the saying should be rewritten...

"Those who can DO, who do exceedingly beyond what is necessary or expected, they teach."

The photos above were taken by a very talented mom from the K4 class, if you like what you see, you can check out Carrie Garrett Photography for more info.

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At May 29, 2011 at 4:27 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Logan! I found your page! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. This one about teachers actually brought tears to my eyes. I can certainly understand why the ladies said you were getting famous for it. :) So excited I got to meet you! Hopefully we'll get to have some more fun this summer.
Laura Houston


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