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The Grass is Blue....

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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Grass is Blue....

Sorry for my silence over the past few days...I guess as a general rule of thumb, you can just figure that if I'm quiet, it's because I'm crazy busy doing something!
We've had a full few days around here. My Tid Bit turned FIVE on Friday, we had his bluegrass themed birthday party on Thursday, and then our family left Friday at lunchtime to head out of town to the mountains of NC for a bluegrass festival that we go to every year called Merlefest.  So not only have I been gone, but I really couldn't hardly get a phone signal where we were.

I have loads of blog topics this week and don't worry, I'll show you pictures of the birthday party that we had Thursday (re-purposing the Easter Egg Hunt decor) and of course I have some thoughts on the Royal Wedding that I didn't watch but have poured over pictures since as well.  Right now though, I just have to share a bit from our weekend at the bluegrass festival.

In case you're not familiar with bluegrass music, check out a bit of history HERE.   It's an American roots type music and I'll just go ahead and tell you that these musicians are REAL musicians.  There's no crazy dancing or effects with this's just the real deal with real people who can tear it up on some instruments.  Even if you don't like the sound, there's no denying the talent behind it.  Some of my favorite artists include master mandolin player Sam Bush, the amazing musical trio that makes up Nickel Creek, the gorgeous whispery-like voices of Alison Krauss and Emmylou Harris, and a couple of newer favorites for me are Mindy Smith, Bearfoot, and Red Molly.  If you don't know them, lucky for you I linked them all up so you can check them out!

I have to tell you though, that actually going to the festival is a blast.  It's family friendly, all outside, and the people watching is phenomenal.  And thanks to all the interesting characters that we met and saw this weekend, I've compiled a few tips and thoughts about a bluegrass festival should you decide to ever go to one.

1. Take sunscreen...but also it's advisable to actually remember to put it on.

2. If you forget your deodorant, don't worry.  There are so many others who apparently forgot theirs too.  Besides, everyone loves the mix of patchouli and body odor....really brings out the fresh of spring.

3.  It's never a bad idea to shave your armpits...and your legs.  But if you accidentally miss a massive patch on the back of your thigh and wear shorts thereby exposing the caveman like growth that you have, you aren't alone.  I am here to support you in that trend...apparently I sported that accidental look like a champ.  Amazingly though, noone noticed save my husband and sister. Three cheers for hippies!

4.  If you meet the actual musicians, don't say things like "So, I guess you must be playing here since I see you have the gold musician armband on."  And definitely after basically confessing your complete UN-knowledge of who they are, don't ask them to sign your son's ukelele.  That would probably be awkward.  Just guessing.....

5.  Take hand sanitizer.  There are lots of porta-potties....and see #2 and #3 for some additional reasons why this might be a good idea.

6.  It gets cold in the mountains at night.  Take a jacket and probably jeans.  And don't throw 2 parties in one week before packing, lest you never even consider packing the aforementioned items.

7.  Exercise before you go...or else walking around a mountainous college campus to watch music all day will remind you that you are in fact out of shape.

8.  If you've ever wanted to do any variety of dancing that could be classified as "noodling"...this is your chance.  You can noodle all you want, and noone will ever think you odd for it.

9.  Release your expectations of seeing Lyle Lovett for the late show at night before you may in fact have a 5 year old and a 15 month old who are incapable of being active in the sun all day and staying up past 10 o'clock.  I'm sure someone took a video and it will be on YouTube for you to relive it later.

10.  This last one is really crucial for all you gals out there.  WEAR A BRA!  Please please wear a bra.  Even if they're small enough that you don't need to, please remember that your t-shirt is still thin enough to be transparent and I don't want to see your pencil eraser boobs through it.  If you have large "girls" and think that your halter dress will hold them won't...the strings are not as strong as the climbing ropes that you really need to support that kind of weight.  It's not flattering to you.  If you have fake boobs...I envy your phony perfection and don't need to be reminded that after 2 babies, my "girls" don't have the capacity to stand up on their own.  Just wear a bra...its simple.

Well all, hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  Don't forget Mother's Day is this coming weekend and that means, if you're reading this that you have a mother somewhere that you can spend time remembering or loving on in person!  I'll post a list of some great gift ideas later this week too.

Glad to be back home!!!  But of course, I have laundry to catch up on today!

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At May 2, 2011 at 8:37 PM , Blogger Sam said...

Found this blog through a rabbit trail of others. May 7, 2011 is the Bluegrass Festival in Orange County, FL at the park on Lake Apopka. Magnolia Park, I think. Not such big names as your Fest. I would add insect repellent to the list and a lawn chair.

My Dad had a bumper sticker for years that said "Legalize Bluegrass". Was never quite sure what that meant, but he liked music and did not smoke.

At May 2, 2011 at 10:47 PM , Blogger Logan @LifeforDessert said...

Sam, glad you went on the rabbit trail and ended up here! Your dad's bumper sticker is hilarious, and I, like you, have no idea what it means.

At May 3, 2011 at 8:34 AM , Blogger Erin L. said...

Logan, as always, I love your humor. Bras are important...even for hippies :)


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