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White Done Right...Crisp Interiors guest post!

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Friday, March 18, 2011

White Done Right...Crisp Interiors guest post!

Drumroll please.....
The other day I posted about how I find myself at a loss when it comes to decorating with a lack of color...more specifically whites!  And without further ado, today I want to introduce you to Emily Knotts of Crisp Interiors who has some fabulous white-decorating pointers for all of us!  Woohoo!  And while she's here with us, I'm guest posting over at Crisp Interiors, so make sure to pop over there and read my offering of decorating with color

So ladies and she is!  Emily Knotts:

In the world of interior design, we are always encouraged to spend, spend, spend.    Just grab the latest issue of Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, or Restoration Hardware and you’ll see what I mean. 
Styles & trends.....well, they’re always changing.  Though I’d love to be able to switch things up in my home every time one of these fabulous catalogs lands on my doorstep, it’s just not in the budget.  THAT’S where my love of all things white comes in.  
It kind of makes me want to MELT into a room like this:
{image via Elle Decor}
The wonderful thing about decorating with WHITE (other than the fact that I just gush over it) is that it never gets old.  It lends itself to a timeless, beautiful and classic home with impeccable style. 
(See what I mean? A show stopper for sure!)
Since getting married last June and living on what we like to call the “newlywed budget” it’s been an exciting challenge to turn a once well-loved bachelor pad into a cozy home for two.  We have somehow managed to furnish almost our entire home with yard sale finds, antique store treasures, and thrift shop caste offs that my husband and I have either re-furbished or painted.  It really is amazing to see what a fresh coat of white can do to those walls and to those once forgotten pieces of furniture.
Along the way in this journey to create our home, my personal style has become one of simplicity.    It is my hope that when friends walk into our little cottage, it oozes a feeling of calm, comfortable & clutter free. 
If you’re like me and loving all things white lately, you might start with these simple tips (that I’ve learned from the pros along the way):
#1: Layer Up: Don’t be afraid to layer all shades of white:  They should all be slightly different so that your room lends itself to contrast and depth.  Choose toned down colors in a variety of values so that you end up with a soft mix of creamy and bright.
{Hop on over to Crisp Interiors to see the latest post on my favorite neutral paint color choices.}
{source unknown}
{image via Restoration Hardware}
#2 Natural Elements: Bring the outside in!  Elements of nature in the home are a great way to add contrast to a room washed in white.  Fresh flowers, ferns, bamboo, budding spring branches, soft natural wood elements, botanical prints...these will all break up the white but not take away from the calm, clean and crisp atmosphere.
{Source Unknown}
(loving the contrast of the natural wood and greenery with the crisp white kitchen)
{image via Restoration Hardware}
Loving the idea of a wall of framed botanical prints.
These work well in an old window pane as well....(that's next up on my project list!)
#3 Go for texture: Tactile materials: linen upholstery, cozy white wool rugs, overstuffed cushions, nubby cashmere throws....These all add visual and tactile interest. 
My very favorite go-to fabric that’s super cheap and easy: CANVAS drop cloth!  Works like a charm every time and people really do think it’s linen.  We’ve covered EVERYTHING in this stuff for next to nothing.
We recently gave these cane chairs new life with a clean coat of white paint, some ebony stain, and a fresh drop-cloth covered cushion! 
(See?  I love white so much that we even have WHITE FLOORS! Now that's dedication!)
(via Elle Decor)
#4 De-clutter: When you’re going all white, try your best to keep clutter away and out of sight.  I know it’s hard, but clutter will only reduce the calm and elegance that you’re going for.  
If you're lucky (and extremely organized), you might just end up with something like this:
(this is NOT my house by the way!  I'm not there QUITE yet!)
#5: Make it your own.  Play around with whites!  Make it as uniquely yours as you can!  Add pieces that inspire, that make you feel refreshed. 
Experiment with white until it feels just elegant enough, just peaceful enough, just fresh enough to be:
For me, it looks a little something like this when it all comes together. 
I can't wait to see what gorgeous creations you all come up with when white's done right!
Thanks for letting me drop by today!  I had such fun being Logan’s guest!
Leaving you with a quote by the insanely talented Andree Putman, French interior designer extraordinaire!
“To have style is to see beauty in modest things.”

Thanks for stopping by everyone, and don't forget to check out what I wrote today at Crisp Interiors! And while you're there, surf around for awhile!  I promise, you'll be glad you did!!!

- Logan

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