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Little Bit's of the few finished rooms in our house!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Little Bit's of the few finished rooms in our house!

So, pretty much Little Bit is about to have his name revealed when I show you pictures from his nursery.  I figured that it's high time I show you a picture of something in my house that is actually finished.

EXACTLY how I want it to be....

I go into this room and feel happy, calm, inspired,'s just a good good room.  And it's my most favorite nursery that I've ever designed.  One day though I really hope I have a girl because I have the best idea for a girly nursery ever....I'm not telling that though because for now it's this super fun dream just swirling around in my head.  So cross your fingers that the next time we have a baby (no idea when that is...just sayin') it'll be a girl...just so I can do this fun project.  But...shocker...I digress. it is.  My favorite room in our house.  Little Bit (ahem...Hudson's) nursery.  Hope you enjoy!

My very talented sister painted that most gorgeous tree on the wall as a gift. I wanted it to look painterly and soft... like something Beatrix Potter might have done.  I do have little bunnies in this room, and while I take some inspiration from a theme sometimes, I will NEVER go all out with one.  I think there should be hints of ideas around, not look like a particular idea vomited all over a room and took it over.

Oh, and because I'm sure you all want to know what the paint color's Sherwin Williams North Star.  (Which you might like to know looks very gray on the does in fact translate on the wall to the most perfect soft blue.)

The reverse side of this bumper pad is like that blue tattersall stripe that you see on the monogrammed panel, except that it's green.  I wish I could take credit for all the amazing sewing work done here, but alas, I cannot.  My dear dear friend Mary is an amazing seamstress and she did all this fabulous stitchery!  I designed what I wanted and she executed it.  In fact, she's very very talented and just came up with all these fun pillows and the awesome trim on the window treatments and that bolster pillow (she folded the fabric over and cut it in 1/2 inch sections...leaving it a little stringy and frayed which I just LOVE for trim in a boy's room!)

This little harlequin chest was one The Hubs and I found on a weekend away a few months before Hudson was born.  I LOVE it and will always always find somewhere fabulous to put it!  I think it adds just the right amount of drama to what could suddenly become an otherwise super soft looking room. (Not that there's anything wrong with super soft, I just like to add a little flair somewhere in every room!)

There's a different lamp in the room now...but I can't take a picture just this minute because Hudson is napping and I'm surrounded by mounds of laundry that I let get away from me lately.  I should really follow my own advice about laundry!

This darling little chandelier below was $70.  I bought the shades for just $3 each and painted stripes on them and hot glued the trim on.  I love it!

I should also add that there are in fact books on the shelves of that great primitive bookshelf that I found while antiquing.  And the chair and ottoman are actually covered in that fabric...I took these awhile back.  One of my favorite things in the room are the antique french shutters that are on the outsides of the windows.  The hubs gave them to me for my birthday and again...they're another thing I'll always find something fabulous to do with them!

Below you can see the changing table which was actually my childhood dresser .  It was sort of a honey oak color that I didn't love, so when Tid Bit (my other son who's 4) came along, we stripped it and stained it with Minwax Walnut stain. Then the Hubs built a box to hold the changing pad to keep it from slipping around with a wriggly baby! (there is a panel along the backside that's screwed into the back of the dresser)  So this piece, the corner green shelf you can see, the crib, and the rocker (recovered) were all used in Tid Bit's nursery.  I'll show you pictures of that one another time.

This birdcage was something I'd used as a centerpiece from some baby showers I helped throw.  I wired the little birds into it to look like they are perched and put moss in the bottom.  I just LOVE it hung in the corner here!

The picture frames actually have real pictures in them now as well...but I do appreciate that Hobby Lobby carried such cute frames!

I bid on these prints on Ebay and got all four of them for $3.26!  Check out for more great finds!  Then I waited til Hobby Lobby had openback ready-made frames on sale 50% off and had them all matted and framed.  So the grand total for all 4 pictures was a hair over $80.  I'm sure some of you amazing women out there could have done it for cheaper, but I'm still pleased with the result!

You can see the tree and shutter a little better here.  I specifically asked my sister to paint a few leaves extending onto the crown moulding so that it would feel more whimsical and less confined.  I love the effect!

And finally, a canvas that I painted for Hudson...I did one for Tid Bit when he was born, and I guess I'll reveal that when I show you his room sometime too! (Then you'll learn his name as well!)

One trick to when I painted this get the lettering of the name done really clearly, I printed it like I wanted it to be on a piece of paper, taped it to the back of the canvas and traced it in front of a window so the light would shine through.  This way was much easier than freehanding the one for Tidbit which took forever!!!

Well, thanks for stopping by today!  Hope you enjoy the pictures of our nursery as much as I enjoyed creating and now being in it!

- Logan

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